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Hello! I have been a simmer since Sims 2 first came out. My name is Roxanne, but I also go by Taube or simRoxy in my stories. My original Exchange handle was fraulinetaube ('cause I sucked at German spelling at the time) and various forms of Taube have stuck as my username ever since.

I've been playing legacies since I heard about them, before University came out for the Sims 2, and my first major family was the Vermachtnis family, a Sims 2 legacy which I finished in 2014 after starting it some 9 years earlier (whoops!). I still write several legacies in Sims 2 and this blog documents my current Sims 4 legacy, The Gregory Legacy. I also played a Wonder Child Challenge that I am hoping will evolve into an Apocalypse Challenge, called The Silva Saga, and I also played and documented another Wonder Child Challenge called The Desai Wonder Child Challenge, found on the same blog. I have an all-alien legacy called The Allen Invasion and an ISBI called The Atlas ISBI. Finally, my friend Kristina and I are writing a legacy together called I Hart Space!, which is a matriarchy with a space theme, and my friend Haleigh and I are writing a video-game themed legacy called The Quest Log. Links to all of my other stories can be found in the tab above.

Outside of the sims world, I hold a 2-year degree and certification in medical transcription, but I have recently returned to university to finish my bachelor's and become a scientific technical writer . I love all things arts and crafts, I write non-sims fiction, and I also like to play my 3DS when I'm not playing sims. I like listening to EDM, eating seafood, and wearing funky earrings. My favorite color is blue. My sister (known in my story as simJ), my friends from SiMania (some of whom you'll see in the links section), and my IRL writing group friends are some of my closest compatriots.

Now we're practically best buddies, right? If there's something else you're dying to know about me and it's not too weird, comment away! 

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