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Sims 4

I Hart Space! is the first legacy run by my friend Kristina and me in The Sims 4. We're taking turns on it and posting it on a blog we call Two Can Play Sims. It's a matriarchy with a space theme.

The Quest Log is another joint legacy, this time between me and Haleigh (meadowthayer). It's video-game themed and just starting out, but promises to be a good one!

The Silva Saga follows one family through a Wonder Child Challenge and then (eventually) an Apocalypse Challenge. It also includes my second (and unrelated to the main story) attempt at a Wonder Child Challenge, The Desai Wonder Child Challenge.

The Allen Invasion is an all-alien legacy that starts on a bulldozed penthouse lot. Still very new, but a lot of fun and has produced interesting sims!

The Atlas ISBI is my first attempt at an ISBI challenge and something I can play when I feel like having my sims achieve a little less (a little? yeah, right! it's an ISBI!). It is geography-themed.

Sims 2

These next links go to my Dreamwidth, and the stories are in Slideshare format. I may or may not convert them at a later date. The archives linked are in reverse chronological order, and start after the table of contents, which is at the top of each tag.

Here is my entire sims Dreamwidth, where you can read all my past stories.

The Vermachtnis Legacy was my first legacy, and, fittingly, the first and only one I have finished so far. There wasn't anything particularly special about them, except they did have a lot of kids, a crazy alien heir at one point, and lived in almost as many houses as there are chapters, since I kept rebuilding them. This was your standard silly commentary-style legacy.

Falling to Masterpieces is an art-themed alphabet legacy. I originally planned to marry in simselves, so my simself married the founder, but that fell through for various reasons so I've been using sims made by me and then turned into townies. The kids are named after famous artists, the chapters after famous works of the artist the current heir is named after, and the cats after art supplies. This is another commentary legacy, which is my favorite style to write in.

The Matriarchal Legasea was originally started as a joint legacy between me and my friend, Kristina aka thinminstim, but she no longer plays Sims 2. I loved this family, so I got Kristina's blessing and I've been playing it as a regular legacy since after generation 4. Kristina wrote two of the chapters and they are marked as such. The Legasea was founded by a mermaid, and many mermaids and -men have shown up since then, as well as pirates, glacier spirits, sim-shaped fish, and other oddities. It is a matriarchy, so no heir can ever marry. It is told by the founder/heir, and each chapter has a different justification for why the story is being told. This one is on generation 8 as I write this, so it is getting close to being done!

The Spice of Life: A Legacy is my newest Sims 2 legacy - just a regular legacy with the kids named after spices, herbs, and flavorings. The second generation featured 13 kids, so things got pretty crazy pretty fast. It's new, but the sims are endearing. This legacy is told by the founder/heir, but the twist is that the teller is aware s/he is a sim.

Thanks for checking these out! I hope you enjoy them. I <3 these families so much.

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