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The Gregory Legacy, Chapter 22

It's time for another Gregory update! Last chapter we spent a fair amount of time getting the spares settled, but we also got to know the devil child a mean little girl named Faye, Laurel and Kori's firstborn. Laurel is now pregnant again, and, as always, we're hoping for multiples, but one way or another, Aaron is getting those four grandchildren he needs for his aspiration. Now, onwards!

"There, there, Harry. No biting!"

Laurel is doing well in her pregnancy and taking good care of her garden, including Harry. He seems to be living a lot longer than the first one, though I can't say that I know why.

Aaron, meanwhile, is still climbing the Interstellar Smuggler branch of the Astronaut career. He gets to go on space missions for his daily task now, which is good since he's an elder and can't work out for hours on end any more. He's making good progress, but it'll still probably take a youth potion to get him to the top.

Laurel is working on her aspiration of Successful Lineage, and since she only has one kid at the moment, Faye gets a story read to her. Leo, who is visiting, apparently enjoys listening in on kids' stories. Huh.

"Mom, did you know you have hairs in your nose and they're really gross? Are you some kind of wildebeest?"
"You know what? Story time is over."

Kori throws another party the next night, although I don't plan on making this an every-night thing (I have stuff that needs to get done in between, and several of the adults have evening jobs, so I can't throw them more often). Tonight is a dinner party, and the guests are enjoying the meal.

Faye is her usual charming self, aggravating the guests.

And, of course, the guy who thought it was appropriate to wear a clown hat to the dinner party has to sit by himself at the counter. Seems fair.

Also note that Kori does occasionally attend her own parties! That's her in the red.

Faye does look awfully cute in her pajamas. An interesting note: I just realized that Faye's green eyes did not come from Kori, as I had previously stated. In fact, I'm not sure where they're from. Kori has bluish-brownish-greyish eyes (they're a weird color, okay?), Dayna has the same light brown eyes as Aaron, Nathan had light blue eyes, and Jaron is of course the originator of the persistent light brown eyes. Natalie's eyes were dark brown. So nowhere in there have there been green eyes, yet here they are. It's a mystery.

"I hate your child."
"I know, Mom. Join the club. Oh, god, my back is killing me. Pregnancy is hard."
"Try being tense for three days straight on top of that."
"Yeah, so glad 'hates children' will hopefully die out with you. No offense."
"None taken. I'm going to go yell at Faye now, dear."
"Okay. Have fun."

Faye looks awfully chipper after her first day of school.

"I only got two detention periods for insulting teachers and one for yelling at another kid. It was a good day."

Laurel is very close to having her second kiddo, and Aaron is of course excited to meet another grandchild.

Late that night, Laurel gets advice on proper parenting from Marjorie, who is surely an expert on the subject.

Finally the time comes for the next birth! Unfortunately, Kori is fast asleep since she has to work early the next morning and this is very late at night.

Laurel powers through to deliver a lovely (?) little boy named Adrian. Hi Adrian!

"Oh geez, where is my wife? Why is there a baby screaming? Why am I awake? Why did the controller forget to recolor the rug? What is happening?"

Well, there was a mysterious light in the yard that Laurel felt compelled to investigate as soon as she had given birth. Unfortunately, it is a rather large house so I guess the aliens got bored of waiting before Laurel could make it outside, so the action dropped from her queue. In the mean time, I had woken up Kori to feed Adrian, and she promptly went into a delayed pre-parental panic. Quite the momentous birth for little Adrian!

"I may have been a questionable mother, but at least I never ditched my child to go investigate lights in the yard. I rock."
"Thanks for the support, Grandma."

"Geez, Laurel. I heard you abandoned your own newborn to . . ."
"Look, I didn't even get abducted, okay? Would you guys lay off? And I'm taking care of him now. Why don't you go bug someone else, Liam?"
"My pleasure."

And Liam did indeed go annoy his father. Evil sims. What are you going to do?

Kori and Laurel get started on baby number three (and hopefully four, too - I want more twins so badly!). They spend a little time in their well-used closet and . . .

. . . crap! I clicked on the wrong sim to initiate the action. Oh well, at least Kori will get the boost of three days of immortality to catch up with Laurel some. Laurel was supposed to be the pregnant sim for all the births, but it's a legacy, so there's no going back.

"Laurel, sweetie, you'll never guess what happened!"
"But that was supposed to be me!"

Ha, look at that face! Laurel apparently really regrets not being the pregnant one, but I'm sure that won't matter in the end.

Aaron has a lot of free time when he's not cooking, working, or going on space missions, and he likes to visit with Adrian. Here's hoping we get a better personality for the second-born.

Wow! Adrian grew up looking great. I actually don't think I'll change a bit of that.

I just added some glasses. Adrian has Kori's skintone and Laurel's eye and hair color. He reminds me a lot of Sawyer Silva, but I think that's just because Sawyer also had a fauxhawk and that jacket was his party outfit in childhood. Otherwise they don't actually resemble each other all that much. Adrian is very cute, like his big sister. Let's see if he has anything else in common with her.

"Hi moms! I'm your son, all grown up now. Oh, I'm evil, by the way."

Kori: "Wow, sweetie, me too! What a crazy coincidence!"
Laurel: "What is happening to my family?"

Laurel and Adrian each get some benefit out of her helping him with his homework, and they get to know each other a little more. Adrian is occasionally, well, evil, but he is still much nicer than Faye.

Quintuple fist pump for Dayna's elder birthday!

And here she is! She didn't age quite as gracefully as Aaron did, but she still looks great. She finally ditched the halter top for something a bit more dignified.

Faye: "Grandma, you're too old to wear spaghetti straps, even to bed. It's gross."
Adrian: "Grandma, I put your toothbrush in the toilet, by the way."
Dayna: "Kori, your children are mean and evil, and who knows what that spawn you're gestating will turn out to be like!"
Kori: "I know. Isn't it great?"

Forgot to mention that Adrian is aiming for Artistic Prodigy, so he gets to make questionable music on the kids' violin.

Faye, meanwhile, is getting very close to finishing Rambunctious Scamp, and is just looking for a high score and to get 10 points in motor.

"High score!"

Alright! Looking even better now.

Let's wrap up with a shot of the very creative Gregorys. Adrian is playing his violin, Kori's working on painting for money, Dayna writes for her job, and Laurel plays the piano for hers. Quite a bit of artistry going on here! Anyway, this is where we'll stop for now. Next time: more parties, babies three and four (hopefully born at the same time), and the declaration of the heir/ess. In the mean time, please visit with me at SiMania and Boolprop. Thanks for reading!

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